What can be done with the Tesla Model 3 with a lot of money?

What can be done with the Tesla Model 3 with a lot of money?

March 10, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The owner of an American electric car has invested quite a lot of money on the transformation of his Tesla Model 3. The car can even boast the growling sound of a classic internal combustion engine, and these sounds can be chosen.

  Just by looking at the photo of this car, we will clearly see that this is not an ordinary Tesla Model 3. First of all, this is a more productive version of the Performance, but what makes this electric car truly special is its numerous modifications. The standard wheels were replaced with 21-inch Vossen counterparts with narrow tires. The car received a more efficient KW suspension, which makes the car’s ground clearance less.

The 3 Performance model, featured on the Archie Hamilton Racing YouTube channel, also boasts some carbon-fiber exterior elements with an inconspicuous trunk lid spoiler to create additional downforce on the rear axle.

 In addition, the electric car received a built-in artificial sound generator for those who want a powerful roar of an internal combustion engine for their silent electric car. Milltek Sport, which has been developing exhaust systems since 1983, is responsible for the development of this chip. Drivers have the opportunity to choose from several engine noises through a smartphone application. In total, 10 sound files are available to choose from, and even the Star Wars tune is at work for Sci-Fi fans.

 A sound generator costs about £ 1200 and is set up in the sense that you can make it quieter or louder and adjust the pitch depending on what you want. According to Milltek Sport, Active Sound Control “algorithmically calculates the relationship between road, speed, throttle position and power” to make the sound of an artificial exhaust as close to real.