What can a Recaro racing seat do?

What can a Recaro racing seat do?

July 5, 2020 1 By autotimesnews

An automotive blogger has decided to visit the Recaro company’s brand of racing seats. He talks about different models of chairs.

If you ask most people what modifications they would like to make in their vehicles, if money were not a problem, most likely most would definitely mention seats. It is strange, because in addition to various engine upgrades, suspension updates, updated engine control units, motorists often neglect something as simple as a comfortable, supportive and well-made seat.

Recaro, a German company that has existed since 1906, offers a huge range of truly comfortable seats, not only automobile ones, there are even children’s models.

In fact, Recaro has been a leading manufacturer of seats for various tuning projects for decades; it is even an official supplier of some renowned companies. Recaro is also very popular in Japan, so much so that in its lineup there are models only for Japan; and they are not cheap. So who better to explain the nuances of these exclusive models than the guys from the Japanese automotive publication JDM Masters? This video talks about the virtual tour of ASM Yokohama and the department where Recaro seats are sold.

As with every Recaro model, backbone support is important. The spine should always maintain a position as if you were standing, while the support of the lower back is the main feature of all seats. The seats that were designed for the Japanese market are very different from everyone else and you can even get a luxurious seat that can be installed in a minivan or semi-aggressive seats with some reinforcement and various levels of luxury – the presence of leather and Alcantara.

As prices increase, you also get more features, such as nicer leather, electronically adjustable positions, an inflatable lumbar support to perfectly adjust your position in the chair, as well as heating and ventilation functions. The most expensive chair costs about $ 8,000. Watch the video to learn more about Recaro chairs and why Japan always gets the best of everything.

Not so long ago, our publication wrote that in the Jaguar Land Rover cars seats will imitate walking. Jaguar Land Rover Corporation is working on new generation seats. They will receive small electric modules of linear movement, which with the help of micro-changes in the surface shape imitate the rhythm of walking.