What are the secret functions in the people’s Renault Logan?

What are the secret functions in the people’s Renault Logan?

July 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Not all car owners know everything, absolutely all the possibilities of their car. In this article, we are talking about one of the “secret” functions in the popular French sedan Renault Logan.

The function of automatic locking is almost all modern cars. In particular, to activate it in the French sedan Renault Logan, you need to press the door lock key and not release it until a short beep sounds, informing you that the automatic blocking is on / off.

Not all owners of cars know what functions are in their cars.

What kind of chip is this and why is it needed? When the automatic locking function of all doors is activated, when the vehicle reaches a speed of 8-10 km / h, the system automatically locks all doors, and the indicator on the lock key will light up. If desired, this feature can be disabled in a similar way.

Another interesting feature is the so-called “surveillance function”. This chip will come to the liking of those drivers who do not wish to give their presence in a working car. By the way, this feature will work on all Renault models built on the global B0 platform.

So, if you start the engine, the Logan automatically turns on the DRL, even if the steering stalk, which is responsible for turning the DRL on / off, is not activated. If suddenly, you want to be in the wound up car, but with the external lights turned off, then the lever should be moved to the position between “0” and the side lights icon. Then the car will not attract attention with lights.

And here is another little-known feature for Renault cars based on B0. For many owners of Logan, Sander and Duster, this problem is known: if you press the button for the maximum windshield blowing, the air conditioner fan starts to hum at full capacity – this is an additional noise in the cabin. You can reduce the fan speed, but then the windshield will not be blown.