Western Star has produced updates for 4700 series trucks

Western Star has produced updates for 4700 series trucks

March 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The automaker made the engine easier and more economical. Also, the company did not forget about the comfort of the drivers, having finalized the configuration.

According to the engine magazine “Engine”, the American manufacturer of heavy trucks Western Star announced the upgrade of the 4700 series. The main innovation was the engine Cummins X12 – this power unit has become lighter by 200 kg and now weighs 930 kg. One of its features is the low coefficient of friction, which allows to reduce fuel consumption. Power “engine” is 500 horsepower with a torque of 2305 Nm. Work such a motor can be paired with automatic and mechanical transmissions.

Also, a new transmission, the Detroit DT12 automatic transmission, which was made specifically for the 4700 series trucks with Detroit Diesel engines, became available to buyers. In the new transmission, the options for assistance in moving off the hill, the mode of “creeping” transmission and clutch control are implemented, which should help drivers to more easily carry a long road.

The automaker did not forget to update the interior of the truck – now a more “advanced” LCD display is installed on the dashboard, and from the steering wheel you can control the cruise control and the audio system. From a security point of view, lane tracking and emergency braking systems were added to the vehicle when an obstacle occurred.