We have calculated the battery capacity of Hummer

We have calculated the battery capacity of Hummer

October 24, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The company admitted that even the first test prototype of the car is not ready yet.

Introducing the new Hummer pickup truck, General Motors did not disclose the capacity of its battery, calling only the EPA range, which is 563 kilometers. However, by indirect evidence, we can say that this battery produces about 200 kilowatt-hours of energy.

There are two counting techniques that can be used here. GM said the battery consists of 24 modules. As you can see in the photographs of the Ultium platform, each model contains 24 batteries.

Earlier in GM named the capacity of its new batteries, which is equal to 100 ampere-hours. With a standard voltage of 3.7 volts for lithium-ion batteries, the capacity of one battery is 0.37 kilowatt-hours. Multiply this number by 24 and again by 24 and get 213 kilowatt-hours of full capacity. The used capacity will be less.

Another calculation method is based on GM’s assertion that when charged with 350 kilowatts of current, a car gets energy for 160 kilometers in ten minutes. If we assume that the battery receives 350 kilowatt of current for all ten minutes, then during this time it will receive about 58 kilowatt hours of energy. 160 kilometers is 28.5% of the 563 kilometers of total range. So if 58 kilowatt-hours is 28.5% of the capacity, then the total capacity is 204 kilowatt-hours and this is already used, not the full capacity.

It is worth noting that for a car with a 200-kilowatt battery, the range of 563 kilometers seems to be very modest. For example, a similarly sized Rivian R1T pickup truck with a 180 kilowatt-hour battery should travel up to 640 kilometers on a single charge.

The weak efficiency of the Hummer can be explained, firstly, by “brick” aerodynamics, but the main thing is the off-road wheels of 35 and even 37 sizes, which will be equipped with cars from the first series.

However, while all the characteristics of Hummer are approximate. According to Green Car Reports, the photos show an exhibition sample of the pickup, and the first test copy is just being built. In other words, even at GM, they don’t really know how their new car will drive.