Waymo unmanned taxi vehicles continue to attack in Arizona

Waymo unmanned taxi vehicles continue to attack in Arizona

January 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Threats to cars range from dangerous driving, to real vandalism – many people did not accept the idea of ​​hitting taxi drivers.

Waymo unmanned vehicles have already been attacked, causing damage at least 21 times. And there may be much more cases, since the system initially sends a request to Google’s internal servers and control centers, and only in extreme cases is the situation transferred to the police.

One of the last cases for which a person is already in prison occurred on the road. When 69-year-old Leonard Hazelton turned his gun on an unmanned vehicle. According to him, he wanted to scare the operator, who watched the work of unmanned systems. Another person just decided to sabotage the work of the car, coming out on the road in front of him and stood for such a long time (the man was under the influence of alcohol).

One Jeep driver (the name and his fate is not reported) tried to trim the drones more than six times in order to knock them out of the way. And in one of the cases, he intentionally crashed into the side of the car.

Recall that the company Waymo led its drones for road tests back in 2016. Chrysler Pacifica vans with hybrid powertrains are used as the base. In 2018, the company moved to the test of an unmanned taxi, whose services can now be used by a limited number of people.

Since the company’s technology is still under development, all autonomous cars have a driver who can take control in a difficult situation.