Waymo opens new technical service in Arizona

Waymo opens new technical service in Arizona

March 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Waymo, which is the developer of its own autonomous electric cars of the Waymo One line, today announced to the general public about its intention to open in Phoenix County, Meza, Arizona, the building and platform of a new technical service center, modernization and improvement of the line, which will occupy about 85,000 sq. feet.

And this is a really promising project for Waymo, as the company has been operating in Arizona for more than two years and is preparing to present the next stage in the development of its campaign to improve and promote its smart electric vehicles.

Initially, the company was formed as a separate team of developers from Google, who worked on the creation of a new autonomous control system for electric vehicles – but then quickly became independent and switched to larger automotive projects in the state. As for the city of Meza in Phoenix County, Mayor John Giles himself welcomes the opening of such a new complex, noting that this will first of all create a lot of new jobs for city residents.

 Well, Waymo, for her part, plans in this way to continue actively working on the technical improvement of her electric vehicles and their autonomous control system – in this regard, she regards Phoenix County as the most suitable and even a kind of “tidbit”, since the district is characterized by developed and multiple interchanges, and metro stations. And this will allow the company to more competently and effectively test their electric vehicles.

Whatever it was, for the time being it is not known, on the territory of which public space the company plans to open a new center and when exactly this will happen – so far the company prefers to get rid of very vague hints and says that the final opening of the technical service center is entirely and depends entirely on how quickly and correctly she can find a certain compromise with the local authorities.