Waymo is going to build a plant for the production of UAVs

Waymo is going to build a plant for the production of UAVs

January 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Waymo plans to build in Michigan the first company in the world, focused on producing fourth-level autonomous vehicles.

The plant will be built in southwestern Michigan for several years, so hundreds of jobs will appear. Chrysler Pacifica minivans from FCA and Jaguar I-Pace crossovers from JLR, which will install their own autonomous equipment, will be delivered here. In addition, it is planned to build Honda robots.

So far, only preparations are underway for construction, but the most important thing has already been done – Waymo has received permission from the Michigan Economic Development Cooperation, to which these “hundreds of places” have promised.

Now the company is considering construction sites. And Magna Steyr will help her in setting up production. By the way, Waymo One and Early Rider programs work in Arizona; about 400 local residents are testing them. They are forbidden to tell any information on running in UAVs, but one of the clients still spilled it out.

 So, according to him, cars are still imperfect. They stop at a crowd of pedestrians, do not drive on rainy days without a driver, and generally can land on the other side of the street. So far, these are all problems that a client of a company could remember.

Recall that in Phoenix, local residents reacted very aggressively to the Waymo autonomous vehicles: they threw stones at them and rammed them when they were overtaking.