Waymo (Google) is going to bring its autonomous vehicles to Europe

Waymo (Google) is going to bring its autonomous vehicles to Europe

June 11, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

American corporation Alphabet (formerly known as Google), intends to bring its own technologies of unmanned control to Europe. At the moment, we are looking for partners from a number of local companies.

Waymo is a division of Google, which deals exclusively with the development of car drones. At the moment, this is the only company that received a permit to operate cars in the state of Phoenix (USA), without having a driver.

Now the official representatives of the company announced their desire to bring their own technologies to Europe. How exactly and when it happens – is still unknown. However, now the possibility of creating European fully autonomous cars with the help of local companies is being considered. For this purpose there is a discussion and search of possible partners in the local market.

The head of the marketing division of Waymo, John Krafchik, in the framework of the annual Congress of Automotive News of Europe, talked about the upcoming plans.

“We are now looking for opportunities to conduct a number of experiments in Europe with different brands, cars and possibly different marketing strategies,” John said. “Although our company has its own facilities and services in Phoenix (Arizona, USA) and San Francisco, we will still look for partners that will help us enter the European market.”

In addition, the head of marketing of the American company explained that the search for partners is a compulsory measure, and not in terms of financing. To enter the local market will require the reputation and support of large local brands. While Waymo is practically unknown in Europe, and will not be able to quickly reach a competitive level.

The most likely partners are the FCA or JLR concerns. Moreover, both companies are closely connected with the US market, which will facilitate cooperation. And in the beginning will be demonstrated and tested unmanned technologies of the fourth level, which allow the car to move without the participation of the driver. Later, companies will present fully autonomous systems.