Watch the racing Bentley Continental GT drive in the snow

Watch the racing Bentley Continental GT drive in the snow

February 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The 600-strong version of the luxury British coupe, which was created specifically for racing, shows its capabilities on a snowy track.

Most of those who bought a luxury British sports coupe Bentley Continental GT need a comfortable car for every day, which can easily accelerate to 241.35 km / h. On the German autobahn, this car feels perfect – because on this road you can move without speed limits.

I am pretty sure that none of the owners of this car ever thought about: “Maybe I need a Bentley Continental GT to drift in the snow. Or even better, I need a rally version of this model so that I can participate in it in the Austrian ice Grand Prix! “After all, this is exactly what the guys from the Seen Through Glass team decided to do.

 GP Ice Race is what you are probably thinking of: snow, ice, fast cars and a bunch of drifting. People also participate in races. No, not only car drivers, but also people on skis who tie their skis to the back of the cars.

In addition to the black and blue Pikes Peak-style livery, studded tires, a ski rack and plenty of LED panels on the roof and grille, this Continental GT seems to have got a slightly raised suspension. Under its hood is the same 6.0-liter W12 twin-turbo that this car is equipped with from the factory. The motor is rated at 626 hp Akrapovic exhaust completes the look and gives the car a loud sound.

Katie Mannings, world junior rally champion, launches the car.