Watch the Porsche Taycan roll off the assembly line

Watch the Porsche Taycan roll off the assembly line

September 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Porsche did not pull for a long time and started assembling the new Taycan electric car on September 9, right after the world premiere.

The production of a model that opens the era of electric vehicles for Porsche and cult technology for the segment has been launched at the brand’s factory in Zuffenhausen (Stuttgart, Germany).

The company posted in open access a full-fledged 30-minute film about the Taycan assembly, which shows the body shop and the painting chamber, the production of components and the final assembly line with a high degree of automation, as well as control checks.

“We are responsible for the environment and society. Taycan production does not provoke coal emissions. At our main plant, in the heart of our brand, the historical legacy is facing the future. Zero-emission Taycan is the new Porsche icon. It differs from our previous ones. cars, but it’s still a true Porsche – innovative, sporty and emotional, ” – explained Oliver Bloom, chairman of the board.