Watch the new Toyota Supra accelerate faster than top speed

Watch the new Toyota Supra accelerate faster than top speed

May 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The sports coupe exceeded the passport “maximum speed”

A video was posted on the Youtube channel Cars in Autobahn, in which the driver tested the maximum possible speed of the new Toyota GR Supra sports coupe. The car managed not only to develop the maximum speed indicated in the passport, but also exceeded it.

Despite the fact that according to the documents the maximum speed of the Supra is limited to 249 kilometers per hour, the driver managed to reach 263 kilometers per hour. To fix the speed, in addition to the arrow of the speedometer, he used a GPS device.

Toyota GR Supra is equipped with a three-liter “six”, as well as a two-liter turbo engine, issuing 249 horsepower and 400 Nm of torque. In addition, the model in 2021 will have a special version – A91 Edition, which is distinguished by a carbon spoiler, matte black wheels, as well as Alcantara trim. The circulation of limited cars will be only a thousand copies.

In mid-May, an unknown driver was able to disperse the 1973 Mercedes-Benz 280E of 1973 to 220 kilometers per hour on a German autobahn. Despite the fact that in terms of passive safety, Mercedes was equipped with only belts, the driver easily maneuvered between other cars at high speed.