Watch the new Bentley Flying Spur V8 zip along the Autobahn

Watch the new Bentley Flying Spur V8 zip along the Autobahn

April 18, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

On YouTube channel AutoTopNL has published a video showing how fast the new Bentley Flying Spur V8 can drive. Moving along the German Autobahn, the car accelerated to a speed of 279.97 km / h.

Is the massive ultra-luxury sedan from England really that fast? This is exactly what the enthusiasts from the AutoTopNL team decided to find out – a video appeared on their YouTube channel, which captured a high-speed test drive of a British luxury car, which took place on an unlimited speed section of the German Autobahn. The driver managed to accelerate the car to a speed of almost 281.57 km / h. While this may not seem like a quick result at first glance, for the luxurious Bentley Flying Spur, which boasts a comfortable leather interior with massage seats, it’s pretty quick.

The Bentley Flying Spur V8 is built in Crewe, England, but it uses a lot of VW parts.

The fact is that Bentley is part of a unique portfolio of brands belonging to the Volkswagen Group (VG), and can use the developments of the German concern. Skilled craftsmen from Crewe, England, hand embroider leather, carve wood interiors and hand-assemble cars. All this time the Germans have been delivering the transmission components for the car.

The Bentley Flying Spur is built on the MSB platform, manufactured by the Volkswagen Group, on which the Porsche Panamera and Bentley Continental are built. This means that the Flying Spur can be driven like a Porsche sports car, while the added weight due to the sheer number of luxury features does not help the Flying Spur set speed records.

The Bentley Flying Spur is powered by a unique version of the familiar 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine used in dozens of different German cars. In the British Flying Spur, this motor produces 542 horsepower and 770 Nm of torque. The V8 is mated to an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission that sends power to the all-wheel drive system.

According to Bentley, the Flying Spur V8 has a top speed of 318.58 km / h and accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.9 seconds.

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote that Bentley presented the Continental GT3 Pikes Peak racing car. The British automaker has unveiled a version of the Bentley Continental sports coupe, which is intended to compete in the Pikes Peak competition. The car’s engine will run on renewable energy sources.