Watch the blue Toyota Supra 2020 rushing and jumping through the forest

Watch the blue Toyota Supra 2020 rushing and jumping through the forest

June 22, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A video was published on the robyworks YouTube channel, which captures the speedy mileage of a Toyota Supra sports coupe through a forest and a snowy forest depot.

Toyota first hinted at the successor to its legendary Supra sports coupe 12 years ago, introducing the FT-HS concept car. A completely new generation of the model was finally shown at the Detroit Auto Show in 2019. The novelty received a powerful engine and a completely new platform, which was developed jointly with BMW engineers. Representatives of Toyota separately noted that despite working with the Bavarians and using their motor, they worked hard to create the personality of the new generation Supra.

Now that the sales of the latter have already started, many happy owners of these machines are shooting really cool videos about the dynamic capabilities of the long-awaited new product.

One of these videos appeared on the robyworks YouTube channel. The video shows a blue Supra “flying” through a snowy forest along a narrow, winding dirt road. Despite the fact that there is a lot of snow and dirt on the road, and the car rushes at high speed, the driver can cope with the control of his racing car without any problems and does not seem to worry much because he can stick into one of the fast-moving trees. Supra “crashes” into potholes and water, spraying particles of earth in the air before flying up a small hill that allows all four tires to come off the ground. There is even one moment when the car bounces too high, resulting in the bottom bumper digging up a bunch of dirt and grass.

2020 Toyota Supra uses a 3.0-liter in-line six-cylinder engine manufactured by BMW with 332 horsepower (495 Nm). Toyota experts created the suspension components, as they say, “from scratch”, giving the Japanese sports car a unique driving personality. According to automakers, Toyota continues to work closely with BMW to improve the Supra. They have a team in Munich working with BMW, although Toyota is “fully responsible” for the chassis and tuning of the car.