Watch Tesla autopilot prevent side collision

Watch Tesla autopilot prevent side collision

June 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The autopilot, which is installed in the Tesla Model S electric sedan, seems to value the traffic situation even better than the driver behind the wheel. He was able to prevent side collisions on the highway.

This particular instance of the American Tesla Model S sedan was saved by its own autopilot from a side impact on the highway. If the automatic control system had not responded, a larger accident could have occurred, given the high speeds with which the cars move.

It is unlikely that the driver of the car would be able to react on time with the necessary speed in order to prevent this accident, but it is precisely for this that the autopilot exists.

This proves once again that autonomous control systems are beginning to be very useful and, who knows, maybe soon, they will be able to completely trust the control of the vehicle.

The question is, could you, as a driver, prevent an accident? We tend to think that most drivers would not react quickly enough to prevent a collision.

Watch the video above to see how the autopilot actually responds quickly to prevent a collision. When the Tesla Model S was only a few inches from the electric sedan, the autopilot turned into the next lane and avoided a powerful collision, as both cars drove at a speed of about 120 km / h.