Watch Construction Machinery Play Giant Pacman

Watch Construction Machinery Play Giant Pacman

October 23, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A special labyrinth was built for the game

Caterpillar celebrates the 40th anniversary of the iconic virtual arcade game Pacman by adapting the game to the real world. For this, the company’s specialists used their own mini-loaders on remote control, as well as augmented reality technologies.

To build the Pacman world, engineers with the help of bulldozers built a special labyrinth that played the role of one of the game’s cards. Specialists placed mini-loaders in it, which they used as the main character, as well as his rivals. To visualize the arcade, the participants used augmented reality glasses, which allowed the “gamers” to fully immerse themselves in the game.

Both company employees and buyers of professional equipment took part in the game. Controlling compact excavators using remote controls, the participants in the game moved in a maze, while simultaneously receiving a picture of augmented reality wearing glasses. Thus, the players managed to combine both the real and the virtual worlds. The round ended with the victory of Pacman, after which the maze was leveled with the help of heavy equipment.

The company noted that although this event looked like an ordinary game, it still had practical value. With the help of a realistically recreated maze, specialists could simulate real situations in which excavator operators find themselves when performing work on construction sites.

In mid-February, Acura celebrated its 30th anniversary in video games with a racing game that brought together the most iconic models. There are six levels in the game, for each passing the player opened a new model.