VW XL1 or the rarest production car of the brand in history

VW XL1 or the rarest production car of the brand in history

November 28, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The German VW XL1 is one of the most engineering-specific plug-in hybrid cars of the German brand. A video has appeared on the Internet that shows in detail one of the rarest Volkswagen cars.

If you are looking to buy one of the most efficient hybrid vehicles ever made, you will be hard pressed to find anything better than the VW XL1. This limited-edition VW hybrid car “has been built with engineering passion and excellence,” according to the official VW XL1 press release. Limited to just 200 pieces, the XL1 is one of the rarest VW vehicles ever built.

VW XL1 may not seem so exciting at first glance, but …

The VW XL1 is the most aerodynamic car ever built and one of the lightest thanks to the tremendous focus on weight reduction. The XL1 is built with extensive use of carbon fiber used for the carbon tub, body panels and trim.

The car is equipped with a plug-in hybrid power plant, which consists of a 2-cylinder turbodiesel engine. The total power output from the 0.8-liter diesel engine and electric motor is just 68 horsepower (140 Nm). This unique powertrain, mated to a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, provides lightning-fast gear changes allowing the engine to operate in its most efficient rev range.

The VW XL1 may not be the most exciting supercar ever built, but the amount of engineering effort put into making this car as efficient as possible makes it an incredibly interesting car. I must say that in modern cars of the German brand you can find many components and assemblies that originally appeared in the VW XL1.

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