VW will show e-Golf 2019 at the Paris Motor Show

VW will show e-Golf 2019 at the Paris Motor Show

August 18, 2016 0 By autotimesnews

This fall at the Paris Motor Show debut of a novelty concept. However, as the company says, the prototype is already “almost the serial model”. It should be clarified that the pre-production concept car will be shown in France.

According to the head of company Mr. Herbert Diess, they represent an absolutely new car, unlike companies that will present electric vehicles of existing machines.

In size it will be the same as the Golf, and interior will be similar to the Passat.

Note that despite the fact that the model is almost ready to be released, its production will not begin until 2018 year, and it is commercially available in early 2019 year.

According to the company, on a single charge the car can travel 400 to 600 kilometers, so it is likely that it will be released in several versions, as well as Tesla.

Electric vehicle, positioned as the most affordable, will be built on the platform of MEB.

This will be the budget electric car on Earth. This means that its price should not exceed 30 thousand dollars.

Volkswagen management hopes that the cheapest electric car will improve the reputation and image of the Volkswagen after the company “has participated” in the diesel scandal.