VW will create electric rival Land Rover

VW will create electric rival Land Rover

January 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Soon in the model range of the German automaker may appear a fully electric SUV, which will have to compete with Land Rover Defender.

Michael Yost, head of Volkswagen’s strategic department, said in a recent interview with Autobild that the German brand is considering building an all-electric SUV that will be capable of conquering serious off-road. As his main competitor, Mr. Yost called the British Land Rover Defender.

Yost notes that the segment of all-electric SUVs does not currently have production models, only different kinds of concepts.

“Our new model will return to the spirit of the original aesthetics of an SUV with simple lines, wear-resistant interior and washable seat covers, and of course, the new product will be able to overcome serious off-road.”


We have to add that all-electric SUVs should appear in their serial guises in the coming years. After all, electric motors are the ideal solution for them (provided that you can afford a huge battery), largely because they have a huge torque, which is immediately available. Take at least the impressive concepts of such electric cars Rivian R1S or Bollinger B1.

Volkswagen is likely to be able to build its big SUV using a common MEB platform with a battery over 100 kWh and an all-wheel drive system (motor for each axle). The presence of a universal platform will allow VW to significantly reduce the cost of developing each individual model. We can assume that soon, we will see the first sketches of a VW electric SUV.