VW Transporter becomes a real camper

VW Transporter becomes a real camper

June 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The German Volkswagen Transporter van is known worldwide as an almost ideal platform for creating a fantastic camping car. But all previously seen projects on the basis of this car are not similar to what these guys did. They made an automobile from a car.

It was decided to remove the VW Transporter engine from under the hood of the van – so now it’s just a van. The owner even decided to make it portable by installing a hitch in front of the vehicle, so the former car can be dragged anywhere.

Outside, this trailer looks like a fairly standard generation T4 Transporter.

Twin wheels are now in the center of the van, a large fairing is installed on the enlarged wheel arch. The sleek design really underlines the practicality of this generation of vans.

Opening the hood reveals the first of many secrets of this “car” VW. The engine was gone, and now in its place is the installation for the grill. As soon as the owner reaches his destination, there is a full opportunity to make hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner.

Going inside through the front door of the van, you get into the cabin, which was maximized under the living space. There is a large seating area around the table, a cooking area, a gas burner, a sink and a fridge. Where the dashboard is usually located, there is a sofa. The rear doors still open, but their only real function is to provide ventilation.