VW: “The ID.3 electric car will be 40% cheaper than e-Golf”

VW: “The ID.3 electric car will be 40% cheaper than e-Golf”

November 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Creating a platform for future budget electric cars is already paying off, says Volkswagen Director. The production cost of the new ID.3 will be lower, and the model itself will be more affordable.

Herbert Diss, Volkswagen’s chief executive, has promised investors that the new ID.3 electric car will be 40% cheaper to manufacture than e-Golf. Cost reduction will occur through the use of the MEB platform, which was completed a year ago. The e-Golf was a conversion of the ICE version, which was not optimized for electric transmission, Digital Trends writes.

“If you rely on an electric platform, the total is a 40% reduction in costs compared to the previous electric Golf,” said Diss, “mostly because of the batteries and the battery system. About 5 – 10% of the savings are due to the conversion of the entire factory in Zwickau to the production of electric vehicles. ”

Reducing production costs is the main task in the company’s transition to the production of electric vehicles. This measure will reassure investors dissatisfied with a possible decline in VW earnings.

ID.3 production has already started at the converted VW factory in Zwickau earlier this month. The event was attended by German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel, who praised the company’s plan to sell 22 million electric vehicles by 2028.

An important step towards the spread of electric vehicles was the cheapening of batteries below $ 100 per kWh, and the company took this step in September this year. This means that car batteries have become cheaper than internal combustion engines.