VW says new generation Golf R will be “fantastic”

VW says new generation Golf R will be “fantastic”

March 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Volkswagen has not yet introduced the eighth generation of its best-selling car, but the guys from Wolfsburg already want to talk a bit about the more powerful version of the Golf.

In an interview with Top Gear magazine, VW R chief honorary worker, Jost Capito, called the upcoming Golf R “the pearl of performance” in the existing Golf lineup, noting that the next release of the powerful hatchback will be “fantastic.”

OK, but what does this really mean?

Well, we know that the German novelty will not go along the electrified route, since Volkswagen board member Jürgen Stackmann said not so long ago that electrified vehicles should be more affordable and environmentally friendly, rather than play the role of a sports car.

This is what GTE is intended for, which in its new generation will become a kind of alternative to the GTI. Shtakmann called the new Golf R “the king of performance.”

To a question from a Top Gear journalist about why VW abandoned the production version of the R400 concept, Capito explained that this would be “too expensive.” He further mentioned that people shopping in this segment want to have about 300 horsepower and a price below 50,000 euros. Recall that the current Golf R has a base price of 44,405 euros in the domestic market of Germany. According to Capito, an exit with a 400 horsepower Golf R would mean a loss of half sales.

Until the next generation, the Golf R is probably at least another year and a half, and now, the newest member of the “charged” family is the T-Roc R. Surprisingly, Capito is confident that the crossover goes even better than the Golf R, despite its crossover nature.