VW releases an anniversary version of Transporter. Models turned 70 this year

VW releases an anniversary version of Transporter. Models turned 70 this year

March 27, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

This year, the popular German car VW Transporter celebrates its 70th anniversary. To this significant date, the German automaker timed the release of a special, anniversary version of a commercial car.

When you think of commercial vehicles that have stood the test of time, the German VW Transporter will probably be the first on your list.

This year, this model officially turns 70 years old. A total of 13 million copies of VW Transporter were sold.

Currently, it is Transporter that is the vehicle that has the richest history among commercial vehicles. The very first Transporter left the automaker’s production line on March 8, 1950. In some markets, the car was known by the names Bulli, Kombi, VW bus or microbus.

The very first generation of the model, which received the designation T1, began its work as a hand-assembled panel van in 1949, and then turned into a rear-engine van, a passenger van and an eight-seater bus. Its first versions were powered by the same engine as the Beetle city car, which was popularly known as the “bug”, and had a maximum payload of 750 kilograms. By 1967, nearly 1.9 million Transporter T1 units were sold.

 VW Transporter T6.1 was introduced in 2019. The iconic commercial vehicle has received a new engine, intelligent driver assistance systems, an updated infotainment system and advanced security systems. Now, T6.1 will be available in an anniversary version dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the model. The car will receive a two-tone body color scheme, like the original T1.