VW promises that the updated Golf will be a huge leap forward

VW promises that the updated Golf will be a huge leap forward

March 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The new version of the electric e-Golf will not be, and the future of the “charged” performance of the GTD has not yet been determined.

At the international auto show taking place in Geneva these days, the German company Volkswagen is demonstrating a kind of electric concept, called I.D. Buggy. Yes, the car was quite interesting … well, at least unusual. But it is still not as interesting as the new version of the Golf hatchback. Do you know that we are talking about the company’s best-selling car, which since the distant 1974 has sold more than 35 million copies.

As we get closer to introducing the next generation of this car hit, VW is starting to talk more readily about its new version.

Speaking with the foreign edition of Autocar, VW Sales Director Jürgen Stackmann promised that the new version of the hatchback will retain everything that everyone loves Golf so much, plus the new product will receive many advanced technologies. It can be assumed that the car can get a perfect new digital instrument cluster and the latest infotainment system. According to rumors, the hatchback will get an extended wheelbase, an updated version of the MQB platform, which will save it 50 kg.

Stackmann announced the termination of the development of e-Golf, since the current generation of the all-electric model can “compete with the hatchback of the I.D. family”. The future of the “charged” performance of GTD remains uncertain – an official statement will be made in the future.

VW does not say when it will introduce a new generation of Golf, but it is known that the start of production of the car starts in June – so the presentation of the hatchback is not far off.