VW plans to create a new pickup based on the MQB platform

VW plans to create a new pickup based on the MQB platform

April 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

German brand is planning to create a new pickup. The car will be a new model of the A-class. In the early stages, the novelty will be sold in the US market.

In 2018, Volkswagen “teased” its North American customers with the Tanoak truck concept based on the large Atlas crossover (we have Teramont), which was followed by its official debut in the United States. Presented pickup, which was shown in April 2019, was named Tarok (shown in the photo). It turned out that this concept will be continued in the form of a full-fledged serial model. It is reported that at the moment, experts from Volkswagen are really analyzing the prospects for launching the sale of such a truck.

  According to the CEO, Volkswagen Group of America Scott Keoga, the German manufacturer is currently considering three options for the execution of this truck for the US market.

As part of his interview with the overseas edition of Automotive News, Mr. Keog spoke about these options, hinting that one of them is more likely than the others.

  It seems the most unlikely opportunity at which the guys from Volkswagen can take the Ford Ranger pick-up truck as a basis and present the current Amarok pick-up truck with it, which will be a global model. The automaker can also release a serial version of the Tanoak concept, using the Atlas crossover base on which it is built.

  What is most likely is that Volkswagen can present a completely new pickup truck based on the MQB carriage. It will be an A-segment car, its mass production will be established in Mexico. The modular architecture means that the company will have virtually no engine restrictions, and it can use any engine that it deems appropriate, including powerful V6 engines.

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