VW ID.6 electric crossover spotted in trials

VW ID.6 electric crossover spotted in trials

December 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The journalists published photos from the tests of the prototype of the VW ID.6 electric crossover. The body of the novelty is partially covered with black films, which prevent some design elements from being seen.

The Volkswagen ID family of electric vehicles has grown quite rapidly lately. It will soon include the ID.6 crossover. The latter is the production version of the Roomzz concept that was shown over a year ago. This car was a three-row all-electric crossover.

We first saw test prototypes of the new VW ID.6 last September, with a bizarre camouflage pattern that makes it look like a Peugeot car.

This time, foreign journalists were again able to capture a camouflaged prototype of a large German electric car, but in a different setting and with a slightly modified camouflage.

The ID.6 was spotted during test drives in snowy terrain, but as before, the prototype still carries a Peugeot disguise, which is pretty funny considering the false grille and some of the bumper parts are obviously decals. At the rear of this prototype, temporary taillights can be seen, whereas in the past, there were vertical lamps in these places in the style of the French 5008 crossover.

The VW ID.6 prototype spotted has received Elektrofahrzeug stickers on the back and sides, which means that we have an electric car. The label also has a font that VW uses.

If you take the characteristics of the shown Roomzz electric concept, you can expect that its production version under the ID.6 index will be based on the modular MEB platform, manufactured by the VW group and produce 302 horsepower (225 kilowatts). The Roomzz also had an 82 kWh battery with the ability to travel 450 kilometers (measured according to the European WLTP standard).

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote that a prototype of a hybrid VW Touareg GTE crossover was seen on tests. Reporters spotted a prototype of a mid-size VW Touareg crossover in a hybrid GTE modification. The car did not receive a single gram of camouflage.