VW has published a teaser on the high-performance Golf GTD

VW has published a teaser on the high-performance Golf GTD

February 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The press service of the German brand has published a teaser for the most powerful diesel version of the new generation Golf compact hatchback. The official presentation of the new items will be held at the Geneva Motor Show, which will be held next month.

Next month, a completely new generation of compact VW Golf hatchback in the more powerful GTD diesel version will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show. According to the automaker, under the hood of the novelty is one of the cleanest combustion engines in the world thanks to the new SCR dual-metering technology.

 According to the official statement, “the dynamic characteristics of the new Golf GTD are combined with its increased fuel efficiency and minimal emissions of harmful substances,” and the overall design of the car reflects a combination of dynamism and self-confidence.

 As before, the new GTD will become the flagship diesel model in the entire new Golf line, continuing the long tradition of “fast” VW diesel engines – the very first Golf GTD was introduced back in 1982.

According to the German automaker, the TDI engine powered by the all-new Golf GTD is “significantly optimized,” and its CO2 emissions are further reduced. Meanwhile, the previously mentioned dual SCR dispenser with AdBlue dual-injection technology “significantly” will help reduce emissions compared to the previous generation GTD.

 According to unofficial data, the power of the updated Golf GTD will be 197 hp, which means that it will have about 16 additional horsepower compared to its predecessor.