VW Group can sell Bugatti and Lamborghini brands

VW Group can sell Bugatti and Lamborghini brands

September 30, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The management of the German concern VW Group will decide to sell the exclusive brands Bugatti and Lamborghini in November this year. VW Group has planned a restructuring, which will consider the possibility of selling some brands that are part of the concern.

According to the representatives of the German VW Group, later this year the management of the concern will carefully study all brands and redefine their importance for the concern of which they are a part. Based on these studies, a decision will be made on their possible sale – one of the first, a similar decision could be made for the Italian Lamborghini, as well as the French Bugatti and Ducati.

The German concern is reconsidering the importance of its brands and their models as it switches to the production of electric vehicles, and is considering doubling its value.

The concern has planned a global restructuring, within which some of the brands can be sold.

VW Group can list or sell these three brands. The revision occurs as the VW Group allocates its resources not only to mass production of electric vehicles, but also to the development and production of semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicle technologies, plug-in hybrid models, etc. This is an expensive event, and some of VW’s rulers are wondering whether it is worth developing electric cars for brands that have a good reputation as car manufacturers with internal combustion engines.

“Brands need to be evaluated in accordance with new global requirements,” said Herbert Diss, CEO of VW Group. Rumors about VW Group’s plans to sell its premium brands are not new. Last year, it was reported that VW would sell Lamborghini and Bentley by 2030. The future of Bugatti is much more interesting. This month, there were reports that VW had agreed to sell the French brand to Croatian electric car maker Rimac.

Not so long ago, we wrote that the VW Group has fully acquired the premium brand Audi. The German concern now fully owns Audi. The premium stamp was fully repurchased for 237 million euros.