VW Golf R from the studio Manhart or formidable hatchback with 450 hp

VW Golf R from the studio Manhart or formidable hatchback with 450 hp

March 25, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Manhart tuning studio presented its version of the “charged” German hatchback VW Golf R. The engine power was raised to 450 hp, only ten Manhart RS450s will be modified.

As expected, the new version of the high-performance hatchback VW Golf R will develop a power of 330 hp. But the German automaker has not yet presented us with a production version of this car.

 To brighten up the wait, the tuners from Manhart showed the 450-strong performance of the Golf R.

With the exception of the front “lip” of the spoiler, non-standard rims, H & R lowering springs and thin stickers on the body, the Manhart RS450 – this is the designation the hatchback received looks almost the same as the serial Golf R. The real secret is that under the hood of the car is a four-cylinder 2.0-liter gasoline engine, which now has a larger turbocharger and a more efficient carbon intake system.

 After re-flashing the ECU, Manhart specialists managed to get 450 hp. power and healthy torque of 500 Nm from the familiar to many gasoline engine 2.0 TSI. The tuners also “played” with the soundtrack of the engine, modifying the exhaust pipe to accommodate a new downpipe. The dynamic characteristics of the car are not reported, but there is no doubt that they will clearly surpass those that the regular version of the high-performance Golf R of the seventh generation has.