VW Golf eR1 or high-performance electric car concept

VW Golf eR1 or high-performance electric car concept

February 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

According to the current head of the sports division of the German brand, the concept of the VW Golf eR1 racing car will help Volkswagen engineers understand what to expect from electric motors, which will then be installed in the brand’s high-performance cars.

Volkswagen demonstrated the e-performance Golf R concept (also known as eR1) at the GP ice race in Austria, where the car drove noiselessly along a snowy track. Now we know little about him, except for the fact that the car received four-wheel drive, a fully electric power plant, and the previous generation VW Golf hatchback is used as a base.

Apparently, this is a universal racing car, similar (if not identical) to the Golf GTI TCR, with a completely empty interior and a massive wide-body kit. Separately, it is worth noting the protruding front splitter and the huge rear wing at the back.

 According to Jost Capito, who is the head of the VW R division, the new eR1 concept “was not created to participate in any races – but we will use it to better understand what an electric racing car is.”

 The power plant of the concept can be connected with the ID.R racing car engine – we are talking about two electric motors, which together develop 671 horsepower (649 Nm). But at the moment, we cannot be sure of this for sure.

 What we really know is that VW really plans to introduce high-performance cars with all-electric motors in the not-so-distant future. One of them can be a “charged” ID.3 hatchback, which can be called ID.3 R.