VW Golf 9 generation will still receive an internal combustion engine

VW Golf 9 generation will still receive an internal combustion engine

October 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In a recent interview, representatives of the German brand expressed confidence that even in spite of total electrification, the ninth generation compact hatchback will be equipped with an internal combustion engine.

Wait a second, the Golf hatchback of the new (eighth) generation was introduced a couple of days ago, so why is Volkswagen already talking about replacing it? The fact is that Top Gear journalists talked with someone from the powertrain department of the German automaker about the distant future of the legendary hatchback. The question was asked: “what will happen to your beloved VW Golf in connection with the inevitable and widespread abandonment of internal combustion engines?” Indeed, according to the plan of the leadership of the German concern VW Group, which owns many well-known European brands, in the next decade, the latter will have many electric vehicles.

However, this will not mark the sunset of the era of internal combustion engines in the foreseeable future, as Lars Hentschel said that even after ten years we will still have cars running on gasoline or diesel fuel. “In no case will it be a 100% electrification even by 2030. Even my boss, Mr. Diss (CEO of VW), is not enthusiastic about this. ”

It was also noted that the Golf 9 hatchback, which should be introduced by 2027 or 2028, will definitely receive an internal combustion engine.

 As you probably already know, the development strategy of the German concern has actually led to a decrease in versions of the VW Golf. Previously, the all-electric VW e-Golf was available for purchase. Now, this version of the car has turned into a separate model, which received the designation ID.3. This is also a hatchback, which is built on the MEB modular platform (developed by the VW Group), specially designed for electric vehicles.