VW continues to test the updated Caddy van

VW continues to test the updated Caddy van

January 29, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Motor1 published photos from the tests of the German van VW Caddy 2020 model year. It is noteworthy that the prototype was hidden under the body of the Dacia Dokker Stepway.

 The prototype of the next-generation German van Caddy seen a couple of hours ago can be called very unusual. Looking at the false radiator grille of this car with a trapezoidal honeycomb “pattern” and looking at the design of these vertical taillights, we are tempted to believe that for some reason VW is trying to be like Dacia.

In particular, we think that such a disguise was created so that the new Caddy looked like the Dokker Stepway, which in fact is its direct competitor and no one knew what kind of car it really was. On the front wings of the prototype there are even fake stickers that mimic the horizontal Dacia Dokker turn signals, while the real elements are in a different place. The same story behind with the third brake light.

 By the way, there is much more camouflage than it seems at first glance. Upon closer inspection, it is found that this part of the car is camouflaged completely.

You can say that with the prototype everything here looks different, comparing the “spy” shots with the latest teasers published by VW earlier this week. They depict a van with a much more complex profile with curved accents and characteristic lines, while this prototype looks quite simple from the side.

 The next-generation Caddy will premiere next month, and it will replace the model that has been available since 2003. VW promises that it will be a “brand new car.”