VW called the price of the electric crossover

VW called the price of the electric crossover

November 9, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Concern Volkswagen is preparing to conquer the market for electric vehicles. In the coming years, the brands belonging to it will present 50 new models with zero exhaust, including a cheap crossover, which is to become a true world bestseller.

Some automakers, in particular Daimler, Ford and Volkswagen are confident that electric cars will soon become their key product. The latter openly declares that he wants to be the largest manufacturer of electric cars in the world and is investing billions of euros in realizing this goal, although so far he hasn’t presented a single “long-playing” (with a large power reserve) model. The firstborn will be an electric hatchback I.D. Neo based on the concept of I.D. Sample 2016., its release will be adjusted at the plant in the German Zwickau and released to the market in 2020 at a price of 23 thousand euros.

Then a whole brood of electric I.D.-models will appear on the MEB modular electric platform, of which a compact I.D. crossover has already been announced. Crozz, a minivan I.D. Buzz (the ideological heir to the iconic Hippie world minivan Volkswagen T1, it will be made in Hanover) and a mid-size sedan and wagon I.D. Aero. The release of the latter, as reported by Bloomberg on a reference to anonymous sources inside the Volkswagen auto concern, will be adjusted approximately in 2022 at the plant in Emden in northern Germany, where the Passat is now produced. The trade winds themselves will be exiled to Czech Kvasins, to the Skoda plant. It is expected to be quite expensive I.D. Aero will find 100 thousand customers per year.

On the most interesting, that here in Emden a certain electric subcompact crossover of initial level will be produced, which does not even have a name yet. It will be based on the same MEB platform, but it will cost significantly less than its counterparts: from 18 thousand euros. For comparison, let’s say that about the same will cost the T-Cross small SUV in the basic configuration, which debuts recently, and, for example, the Golf – the best-selling car in Europe – now costs from 19,300 euros in Germany

Due to what will be able to lower the price of electric SUV to such an attractive level? First of all, due to mass production: the planned demand for the budget electric cars should be 200 thousand a year, but it can be higher. In addition, Volkswagen is now looking for a site for the construction of a new plant (with a capacity of 350 thousand cars per year) in Eastern Europe (in Bulgaria or Hungary), where there is a cheap workforce that will also reduce the cost of electric cars.

Curiously, Ford has also recently announced a budget electric crossover with a coupe body and design elements of a sporty Mustang, which it intends to introduce in 2020 and sell at an “unprecedented low price.” However, it is known that the American company is going through difficult times and is negotiating with Volkswagen about possible cooperation, including on the basis of electric vehicles, that is, it is possible that cheap Ford and VW electric SUVs will become brothers, and their platform will be Volkswagen.

Volkswagen’s low-cost electric crossover is being developed with a view to the global market. In the expert environment, however, there are fair concerns that the demand for electric cars, even the most budgetary ones, will be significantly lower than planned targets, and multi-billion investments in this sector will turn into losses.