VW Beetle LSR has established a speed record

VW Beetle LSR has established a speed record

September 20, 2016 0 By autotimesnews

The specially prepared version of the budget German car became the fastest “Beetle” of all time.

This was proudly announced the North American branch of Volkswagen. The car is not the most streamlined, but still front-wheel drive, equipped with two-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged TSI EA888 series. In addition, the standard unit has been boosted with the help of specialists of the Californian company THR Manufacturing.

As a result, on the test bench nimble “Beetle” was able to develop 610 horsepower and 677 Nm of maximum torque. In addition, the machine was lowered suspension, limited slip differential, also special wheels and tires provide better grip. What you see on the pictures, not snowy Himalayas and rear of the vehicle does not stick out skiing. Rrecord run track was laid along the bottom of a dried-up salt lake Bonneville in Utah, and the stern “Beetle” attached two brake parachute.

Volkswagen Beetle LSR was piloted by Preston Lerner, editor of Automobile, who managed at a distance of a mile to reach the spees of 330.111 kilometers per hour. Before he could even get out of the car, in a fuse an American journalist, he said that he could drive faster if the track surface was smoother.

In 2011, in the same Utah specially prepared Octavia RS Bonneville with the same two-liter turbo engine capacity of 600 hp able to disperse up to 365.4 km/h.

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