VW Atlas Tanoak concept pickup truck will not be serial

VW Atlas Tanoak concept pickup truck will not be serial

February 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Two years ago, Volkswagen showed a concept pickup based on the Volkswagen Atlas. Spectators and automotive experts praised it quite high, but the company is not going to transfer it to serial production.

Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak is unlikely to hit the production line, the company said. During a recent conversation with Autoblog, VW vice president of product marketing and strategy Hein Schafer said the concept was well received at the time of debut. However, she has no chance of mass production.

 Turning Atlas into a pickup will take a lot of time and money. Even in the case of a serious alteration, the new model will not be able to compare in terms of endurance and practicality with traditional pickups on a frame platform. In addition, a Touareg-based pickup truck will only be able to compete with the Honda Ridgeline model, the demand for which in North America is very modest. Therefore, launching a serial crossover Atlas Tanoak does not make sense.

Nevertheless, Schafer added that there remains a chance to launch a completely new pickup truck for the United States. For example, it could be the serial version of the 2019 Tarok concept. But VW America’s chief operating officer, Johan de Nisshen, noted that new pickups are not even considered for the American market over the next five years.

 Johan de Nisshen is confident that the next all-electric Volkswagen pickup will be the all-electric model.