Volvo’s new infotainment system works like a smartphone

Volvo’s new infotainment system works like a smartphone

October 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The software developed by Google, used in the new XC40 electric crossover, is based on the Android OS and allows the use of third-party applications.

Volvo claims its new infotainment system, based on the Google Android operating system and developed with the help of the American technology giant, “will be as easy to use as your mobile phone.”

The new system will debut in Volvo XC40 Recharge and Polestar 2 electric cars, and then will be introduced in other models of the Swedish brand. It replaces the bespoke Volvo Android OS system, and uses applications such as Google Maps to provide satellite navigation with real-time traffic information. Users will be able to download third-party applications, such as Spotify or Amazon Music, for navigation and multimedia streaming. The goal is to offer a range of online services when you connect your phone.

The system can be controlled using a touch screen or voice, the latter running on the Google Assistant system, which is used on devices such as smartphones and smart speakers.

Odgard Andersson, head of Paul’s software division at Volvo, said the new system offers a “radical improvement” and has voice control software “far superior to what any car now has.”

The system is constantly connected to the Internet and, therefore, will be able to transmit vehicle location data and other information, but Andersson suggested that drivers should not have privacy problems, because they would have to share information through third-party applications.

    “It will work well if you do not want to share something with Google, but if you do, it will be great personalization. Users can customize it according to their needs and wishes, ”he said.