Volvo’s largest SUV arrives in 2022

Volvo’s largest SUV arrives in 2022

October 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Volvo’s full-size luxury SUV will hit the market in 2022. It is expected to be a worthy competitor to the BMW X7 and Mercedes GLS.

According to reports, Volvo is currently working on a new flagship SUV called the XC100, which will sit above the XC90 in the Swedish brand’s lineup. According to earlier rumors, the XC100 will compete with the BMW X7 and Mercedes-Benz GLS, just as the current 2021 Volvo XC90 rivals the X5 and GLE. Then there was information that the XC100 will appear in the form of a coupe version of the XC90, in fact, a “fighter” X6 or GLE Coupe.

According to new data, the Volvo XC100 will still compete with the X7 and GLS. As it became known, the full-size SUV will move on the future Volvo SPA2 car platform, since the current SPA platform will not be able to handle an SUV larger than the XC90.

The SPA2 will accommodate vehicles up to 5,486mm in length, which means the XC100 should surpass the X7 and GLS, which measure 5,164 and 5,207mm respectively. The XC100 is reported to be 5.5 meters long, which is about 30cm longer than the XC90, which means it will surpass both the X7 and the GLS in terms of sheer size. Longer, the XC100 should theoretically offer more cabin space than its competitors.

Volvo has reportedly assigned the XC100 an internal code V616. The first “6” indicates that this is the largest Volvo model, the “1” indicates that this is a first generation model, and the second “6” indicates that it has an SUV body.

The Volvo XC100 is expected to come with a variety of engine options including petrol, hybrid, plug-in hybrid and all-electric. The XC100 EV is likely to be renamed Volvo Recharge, first used on the XC40. The SPA2 platform will inevitably spawn a new all-electric Polestar model, which will be the new flagship model of the premium brand.