Volvo XC90 lost diesel engines

Volvo XC90 lost diesel engines

March 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Volvo is introducing a small series of changes to the XC90. The SUV, which was updated last year, will soon do without a diesel engine.

Last year, the Volvo XC90 was restyled, and then the Swedes introduced the B5 gasoline engine. Volvo uses the letter “B” to indicate that it is a version of the engine with soft hybrid technology on board, and does not separate the gas and diesel versions. The petrol B5 is on a par with the already existing diesel B5. Volvo follows the position that it has already chosen with the S60, and has recently applied to the updated S90 and V90. The XC90 is now also no longer available with a diesel engine.

The XC90 becomes yet another soft hybrid: the 2.0-liter B5 petrol version, which has 350 Nm of torque on board, receives an additional 14 hp thanks to electric support. and 40 Nm. This version of the engine was introduced at the end of last year as a replacement for the T5. The unit is a copy with an 8-speed transmission. With the B5 engine, the Volvo XC90 Business Pro is priced at 83,995 euros. The Inscription and R-Design versions cost 87,995 euros and 88,995 euros, respectively.

Volvo also supplies the XC90 with the 398-horsepower hybrid Recharge T8, which is the only engine version that can be selected for the XC90 in 6-seater instead of 7-seater. For this six-seater, Volvo is asking for 87,995 euros. The usual seven-seater crossover is available in three versions and costs the same as the similar B5.

Volvo complements standard XC90 equipment with IntelliSafe Surround with blind spot monitoring, which means that all security systems are factory-installed on the SUV. Business Pro now comes standard with Keyless Drive, a DAB + radio, and a heated steering wheel. In this version, the Recharge T8 is now supplied as standard with features such as four-zone climate control, parking heating and saloon trim.

The 18- and 19-inch alloy wheels are available for the XC90 T8, which feature new lower rolling resistance tires that reduce CO2 emissions from 50 to 48 g / km. Volvo also provides the XC90 with a new audio system from Bowers & Wilkins. The maximum speed of the XC90 is 180 km / h.