Volvo XC40 brought brand sales to record levels

Volvo XC40 brought brand sales to record levels

January 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

It seems that the leaders of Volvo Cars can be proud of themselves: last year, the Swedish brand reached new heights, having realized a record number of cars, as told to the press by Lex Kerssemakers, the head of the European office of the brand.

According to him, last year Volvo Cars set a personal record for itself: 642,253 cars of the brand were sold around the world, and the Swedes crossed the barrier in more than 600,000 cars for the first time in their history, and Volvo’s top management dreamed for 15 years. recent years, – said the head of the European division of the brand.

The XC60 mid-size crossover remained the most popular model: it sold around the world in an edition of 189,459 copies. The second place went to the big crossover XC90 – 94,182 cars were sold.

However, the record-breaking additional increase in sales was given by the new compact crossover XC40. He massively entered the European market a year ago, and this year the Swedes are going to sell at least 150,000 copies of this model – twice as many as last year. It is worth noting that the XC40 in 2018 won numerous awards, the most important – the World Car of the Year (World car of the year 2018) and the Car of the Year in Japan 2018/2019 (Car of the year Japan 2018/2019).

The next goal of Volvo Cars is 800,000 cars sold per year, but the brand’s management does not yet guess when this milestone will be overcome.