Volvo will turn its hometown into a green polygon by 2030

Volvo will turn its hometown into a green polygon by 2030

January 16, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Gothenburg, where the headquarters of the Swedish automaker Volvo is based, will become a climate neutral city in a few years. The corresponding Volvo initiative has already been supported by local authorities.

Volvo has pledged to free its hometown from harmful emissions so that it becomes climate neutral by 2030. Gothenburg is the largest port city in Scandinavia. It is he who is going to make the model of green cities of the future.

The creation of an all-green space will help explore so-called electrified mobility. Many automakers are now starting to work in this direction. This is a promising new trend, but there are more questions than answers.

Volvo is going to use this project to study electrification, autonomous driving and much more. For example, the Swedes can test their drones on the streets of the transformed Gothenburg.

The project provides for limiting the number of cars in the city, while it should be as livable as possible.
If the experiment succeeds, Gothenburg will be a good example of how new technologies can change the life of an entire pride for the better. The implementation of this project will begin in the spring and will gradually gain momentum.

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