Volvo will replace the aircraft with first class drones

Volvo will replace the aircraft with first class drones

September 5, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The Swedish brand introduced an autonomous concept car Volvo 360c

Volvo introduced a stand-alone prototype 360c, which is designed to rethink the scenarios of using drones and provide comfort, comparable to a first-class cabin. The company believes that such cars in the future can be a substitute for air transportation.

Volvo 360c is a fully electric drone, devoid of rudder and pedals. Depending on the task, it can be a place for sleeping, a mobile office, a living room for family gatherings or an entertainment room. In addition, the car can be an alternative to domestic flights, when it comes to distances of not more than 300 kilometers.

Often, such trips take longer because of the excessive traffic congestion, the distance from the airport, the need for security checks, and likely delays.

On the example of the concept car 360c the Swedish manufacturer also intends to demonstrate the possibilities of a new system of universal communication with other participants of the movement. This is a set of sounds, colors, visual effects and motion, a combination of which is used to notify about the actions of the drones.

Another feature of the prototype is a protective blanket that works like a three-point seat belt, but can be adjusted for a lying passenger.

Information about the technical filling of the prototype Volvo 306c yet, about the launch date in the series, it also does not go. Probably, the concept car will remain a platform for demonstrating more design than technological solutions.

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