Volvo will put into circulation unusual indexes of power plants

Volvo will put into circulation unusual indexes of power plants

July 19, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The admirers of this Swedish company have already got used to the T5, T6 and T8 indices, which denote gasoline and benzo-electric hybrid versions, or to the combinations D4, D5, D6, indicating diesel variants of different capacities.

In the near future, the company will actively use the prefixes B. So, the Swedespeed edition in the study of patent applications Volvo found the nameplates XC60 B4 AWD and XC60 B5 AWD. Representatives of the auto concern do not explain their purpose, but, most likely, we are talking about clean electric cars. Experts deciphered this index, as B – “battery”.

Following the logic of the names T and D with numbers, the difference between B4 and B5 may consist in the return of the power plant, the capacity of the traction battery, or both. Previously, the letter B was already used in Volvo’s engine indexes, but, most likely, in this case it was not prepared for the ICE.

The company Volvo reported on the development of its “electric” strategy three years ago. The main emphasis is on the appearance of various hybrids. Then the brand management announced that today’s generation of ICE from Volvo will be the last. They will be modified and supplemented with various “gadgets”, but the new family of designers do not plan to create. A little later, it was reported about the gradual removal of diesel from the turnover. Here it becomes clear that now the manufacturer will be engaged in mass production of serial electric vehicles of the brand.

According to unconfirmed reports, the first massive electrocar of the Volvo brand will be the five-door V40 of the new generation. Motorists are waiting for its appearance in 2019. After it, a purely electric version of the already existing Volvo XC40 SUV will be produced. Approximately at one time with them will appear and crossover XC60 without ICE. Then, other models of the Swedish company will receive electrical options, because by 2025 the carmaker intends to provide half of the global sales due to clean electric vehicles.