Volvo will limit the maximum speed in all of its cars to 180 km / h

Volvo will limit the maximum speed in all of its cars to 180 km / h

March 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The company argues that the desire to protect drivers, passengers and other road users as much as possible, considering that higher speed is unreasonably dangerous. The company is committed to a zero death rate in an accident with their cars.

Volvo’s press service sent out official appeals to numerous media outlets, in which she spoke of the intention, and also explained the reason for limiting the maximum speed. Starting next year, all Volvo cars will receive an electronic limiter at 180 km / h. In addition to security, the company wants to draw public attention to the problems of speeding traffic.

At the heart of the company’s development strategy is the desire to retain the title of the safest cars. The highest goal of the company is to reduce the death rate during an accident to zero. However, Volvo Cars does not shift the responsibility for the safety of life and health of drivers solely on technology and assigns an important role in this matter to driving behavior.

“Volvo is a security leader. We have always been there forever, ”said Håkan Samuelsson, President and CEO of Volvo Cars. “Thanks to our research, we identified key problem areas that today are obstacles to the implementation of our Vision 2020 strategy. Limiting the maximum speed in a car is not a panacea, but we consider it a necessary measure – even to save a single life.”

As part of the latest study of the Swedish automaker, it turned out that the fact of an accident is influenced by three main factors: speeding, drunk car operation, and driver distraction.