Volvo will introduce measures to combat drunk driving

Volvo will introduce measures to combat drunk driving

March 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Volvo Cars is taking the next step towards its ambitious goal of ending the fatal accidents in their cars. Actions are aimed at combating inattention while driving and drunk driving.

In addition to speeding with which the company intends to fight by limiting the speed in cars, inattention and driving in a state of intoxication are two important road safety issues. In sum, these factors are the main “gaps” on Volvo Cars’s road to a future without a fatal accident. Therefore, attention to driver behavior is an important part of working to improve safety.

For example, data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (USA) show that in 2017, almost 30% of road deaths occurred with the participation of drivers in a state of intoxication.

Volvo Cars is convinced that the problems of drunk driving and carelessness need to be addressed by installing video cameras and other sensors in the car that will monitor driver behavior. This will allow the car system to intervene if a person is in a state of alcohol or drug intoxication, or an inattentive driver who does not respond to car warning signals and risks creating an emergency.

Intervention may include limiting vehicle speed, notifying Volvo on Call assistance services to contact the driver, and, in extreme cases, slowing the vehicle down and parking it safely.

“When it comes to safety, our primary goal is to avoid an accident, and if it is inevitable, to reduce its consequences,” commented Henrik Green, senior vice president for research and development at Volvo Cars. “The cameras will monitor behavior that could lead to serious injury or death.”

Examples of such behavior are the complete lack of driver involvement in steering, driver’s eyes closed or lack of looking at the road (all for a long time), excessive wagging of a car between lanes or a slow-motion response.

The driver behavior monitoring system described above is an important element on the road to actively participating a car in preventing accidents that could lead to serious injury or death.

“A lot of accidents happen because of drivers who are driving intoxicated,” commented Trent Victor, professor of driver behavior at Volvo Cars. – Some are still confident that they can drink alcohol, get behind the wheel, and this will not affect their reaction. We want to be sure that people will not suffer because of intoxication. ”

Monitoring cameras will be installed in all models of the brand, starting with the next generation Volvo on the modular platform SPA2 (from the 2020s). The exact number of cameras and their location in the car will be announced later.

Today’s news should be considered together with the announcement of the introduction of a speed limit of up to 180 km / h on Volvo models from the 2021 model year – this company reminds how many dangers are in excess of speed.

The company seeks to initiate a discussion on whether the right or obligation of automakers to install technologies that change drivers’ behavior in cars. Speed ​​limits and the installation of cameras to monitor driver behavior inside the car demonstrate how automakers can take an active part in achieving the goal of avoiding fatal accidents.

Today, Volvo Cars also announced the launch of the Care Key, which will allow drivers, when transferring a car to other people, to set a maximum speed limit. This system will be available for all Volvo cars starting in model year 2021.

The Care Key, cameras for monitoring driver behavior, speed limits, and already existing driver support systems all serve a single goal: to improve driving safety.