Volvo will arrive at a car dealership in Los Angeles without cars

Volvo will arrive at a car dealership in Los Angeles without cars

November 21, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

There will be no cars at the Volvo booth in Los Angeles. Instead, the company will demonstrate its vision of the mobility of the future and talk about the development of the concept of the car as a vehicle. According to the brand’s management, the way consumers perceive and interact with the automotive brand is now much more important than the power and interior trim materials.

An installation with the words “This is not a car” will be installed at the center of the Volvo Cars booth. The rest of the space will be occupied by interactive demonstrations that will tell the public about Volvo services. Among them: the delivery of goods to the car, carshering, a subscription to Care by Volvo cars and autonomous control. “We want to demonstrate our vision and start a dialogue on the future of automotive,” – says Martin Levenstam, who is responsible for the product strategy, “So instead of presenting the concept car, we’ll talk about the concept of the car.”

The head of Volvo, Håkan Samuelsson, believes that the industry is changing. The company no longer just produces and sells cars, but provides customers with freedom of movement and access to personal transport anytime and anywhere. As part of the new strategy, Volvo even refused to participate in the Geneva Motor Show in the spring of next year, as it considered the traditional motorshow to be more unviable.

Now put a clear message teaser with a smartphone. It is turning into a universal platform that allows access to online services, which fits perfectly into the concept of the mobility of the future Volvo.