Volvo Trucks will start producing FH tractor with XXL cab

Volvo Trucks will start producing FH tractor with XXL cab

May 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Serial Volvo FH with larger cab sizes will make transportation over long distances more comfortable. The modified cabin does not exceed the maximum permissible mass and successfully withstands frontal collisions.

Volvo Trucks launched the FH with a spacious XXL standard cab – 600 liters more than the standard cab of a popular tractor. Specialists of several departments of the Swedish company worked on the creation of the cabin. Hence, a very short time to launch new products into production: it took 20 months to develop and test the serial version.

To get a XXL size cabin, engineers had to move the back wall 25 centimeters apart and reinforce it with additional C-shaped pillars.

 Particular attention is paid to the master of the organization of space to accommodate the personal belongings of the driver. There are more such storage compartments, while they have become more convenient – each of them now receives an additional 50 liters of free space. Volvo didn’t forget about the sleeping shelf – it became longer by 13 centimeters and wider by 25. Such a sleeping place will suit even tall and large drivers. Two companies will be engaged in the production of Volvo FH XXL at once – Volvo’s factories in Swedish Tuva and Australian Vakol.

Meanwhile, the Chinese company Geely introduced to the market a new cargo truck on methanol.