Volvo to launch its first coupe-crossover

Volvo to launch its first coupe-crossover

July 24, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The car should get an electric motor and become the flagship in the model range of the brand.

Volvo has already said it is working hard on the development of electric vehicles on several occasions. We can see some high-tech models already now, but the company does not stop there. Volvo plans to introduce a range of new products by 2025. One of the most anticipated vehicles should be a new coupe-like crossover.

At the same time, such a car will take the place of the flagship and will not be inferior in size to the XC90. At the same time, the outwardly coupe-crossover should become even more aerodynamically perfect. Volvo representatives also shared some plans for the future – the company believes that electric cars should be radically different from the current ones and are looking for the best options. Next year, the Swedish brand is going to present a new generation of the flagship XC90.

This model will receive a fully electric power plant for the first time. Volvo will also release a number of other electric cars, but there is little information about them.