Volvo starts developing electric motors on its own

Volvo starts developing electric motors on its own

November 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The company opened a research center in Shanghai

Swedish carmaker Volvo has announced it is switching to self-developed electric motors. The company yesterday opened a new research center in Shanghai, which will complement a laboratory in the brand’s home city of Gothenburg.

The company noted that independent development will allow for better adaptation of electric motors to all-electric or hybrid models of the brand, in particular those built on the new SPA 2 chassis. This is an architecture for large and medium-sized cars and SUVs, which will form the basis, in particular, of the new generation of the XC90 model. …

The company does not claim that it will produce electric motors on its own. It is possible that motors developed in Shanghai will be produced by third-party contractors.

Also, the release does not say whose electric motors are now being installed on Volvo cars. However, back in 2012, the Swedes signed a contract with Siemens in this regard.

The location of the research center in Shanghai may mean that the engines developed there will be used not only in Volvo cars, but also in models of the Chinese corporation Geely, which owns the Swedish brand. Also in China, a new electric vehicle plant will soon be built for Volvo’s subsidiary Polestar.