Volvo ranks first in technical innovation

Volvo ranks first in technical innovation

August 20, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

According to a recent study by the American company J.D. Power, the Swedish Volvo brand, ranks first among innovative brands. The rating was based on the opinions of US motorists.

Recently, the American information company J.D. Power has been busy conducting research that identifies what customers value and don’t value in their vehicles. A couple of hours ago, the company’s press service released a new study. It’s called the 2020 US Technical Experience Index (TXI) and shows how car companies perform when it comes to bringing new technologies to market.

This is actually the fifth version of a study that combines the level of acceptance of new technologies with how well (or poorly) they are implemented. Volvo ranked first with a 617 index, followed by BMW (583) and Cadillac (577).

In terms of mass brands, the title goes to Hyundai with 556, which puts the South Korean brand in sixth overall. The outsider in this regard is the British Mini 444, followed by the German Porsche.

As for Tesla, J.D. Power gave it 593 points, but this brand of electric vehicles is not officially rated because it does not fully meet the rating criteria. Why? Tesla won’t let J.D. Power polls their car owners in 15 states, so the index score is based on surveys of electric vehicle owners in the other 35 states. A projected score of 593 means Tesla will rank second behind Volvo in terms of the number of technologies it integrates into its models.

One of the key findings of the 2020 US Technical Experience Index study is consumer appreciation for rearview cameras and other types of cameras that provide additional visibility. It also became known that people do not like gesture control, and the owners are faced with a large number of problems with this function – 36 problems per 100 cars.