Volvo published a teaser of a mysterious concept car

Volvo published a teaser of a mysterious concept car

August 28, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

volvo concept car

It seems that the Swedish brand in the near future will present the world with a new concept car that will show the brand’s vision in the field of autonomous driving systems.

At least, such a conclusion can be made on the video, which is published on the official page of the brand in Facebook. In the teaser, the Swedes are hinting that the concept car will be called 360c, and it has a certain keel? illuminated with LED elements or with a laser.

There is no other information about this mysterious car, however, under the video there is a message that passengers can spend time traveling with greater benefit. By the way, earlier the company published another video, in which it hinted that the new prototype will generate sound, and it is possible that this will be the sound of the power plant.

By the way, in the beginning of the summer of this year, foreign automobile publications reported that the XC90 crossover of the new generation will receive a system of autonomous driving at the fourth level, although it will work on special highways. If activated, the car will be able to carry its passengers, even if the driver does not take part in driving.

However, as we know, autonomous technologies do not always guarantee safety on the road. In March of this year, an unmanned prototype Volvo XC90, behind the wheel of which for the safety was still a driver, knocked down a woman who left the sidewalk on a bicycle and jumped into the car at a great angle. Then the investigation established that neither the car nor the driver behind it driving in this tragic case are guilty.

Also earlier we informed, that Volvo will deliver 24 000 XC90 with the autopilot of company Uber.